Tuesday, January 5, 2010

iPhone tricks, tips and apps for attorneys - Webinar

The following webinar offer was emailed to Michael V. Quatrini last night:

iPhone Tips, Tricks and Apps for Lawyers

Friday, January 8th at 1:00 EST

Register At - http://execsense.com/details.asp?id=433 or Call (415) 453-3003

In iPhone Tips, Tricks & Apps for Lawyers, ExecSense shares quick and easy ways to
truly capitalize on all that an iPhone has to offer for a lawyer. Take the 60 minutes to
view this webinar (on your computer, mobile phone, iPod or printed out) to update your
knowledge on how other lawyers are getting the most out of their iPhones, as many
features, settings and new applications are not used by lawyers that can significantly
improve it's value to you as a resource, as long as you know how to use them.
If you cannot call-in to attend the webinar and view the presentation at 1:00 EST Friday,
January 8th, ExecSense will email you the PowerPoint, audio and supplementary files by
the next day for viewing at your convenience (you simply need to register before the
webinar occurs). The webinar is led by Ahmer Khan, an expert on helping lawyers get
the most out of their iPhones, and focuses on:

A tour of your iPhone, specifically for lawyers, with suggestions, tips and tricks on
doing more with your email, phone, contacts, messages/sms and calendar

A list of 15 must-have applications for lawyers, how to easily install and use them,
and why it will immediately make you more productive and efficient while away
from the office.

Price: $250 (1 Person) or $500 (Access All Webinars for 1 Year & Free Pass for
Colleague to Attend This Webinar)


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Chris Monaghan said...

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